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Innovation in Real Life

Going from the Concept of Innovation to the Reality of Making it Happen

Over the past year the Innovation Engineering Institute team has been overwhelmed by the adaptive nature of the Innovation Engineering community – a ’tipping point’ where the community of users evolved the “Body of Work” of Innovation Engineering to a whole new level. 

From individuals bringing remarkable thinking to everyday challenges to innovation missionaries running experiments, pivoting and repackaging ‘Innovation Engineering’ to increase engagement and access… we learned incredible things on how to inspire, engage and activate innovative thinking at every level.

This front-line observational and quantitive research inspired a radical evolution. And at our 7th Global Digital Conference we will announce the biggest, boldest change ever in how innovation is enabled across people and projects

IMPORTANTLY  – Innovation Engineering 2020 is about next-generation Inclusive Innovation – it’s about making innovation a 24/7 mindset, it’s about all levels of the organization, it’s about moon shot wow’s and incremental improvements for working smarter.

At this digital conference you’ll walk away with:

FRESH HOPE that you can make an impact, especially in your everyday work

FRESH IDEAS for activating innovative thinking and education

FRESH ENERGY from others that have applied innovative mindsets in unexpected ways

FRESH OPPORTUNITIES to shape the next-generation of innovation learning R&D


Part 01:   State of Innovation Engineering Opening Keynote Address

Doug Hall, founder and chairman of the Innovation Engineering institute will kick off the conference with the ‘State of Innovation Engineering’ address – taking you through the learning that brought about this transformation in how innovation is led, managed and accelerated. He will lay out a revised MISSION for Innovation Engineering (yes it’s that big of a change) as  well as new Systems, Tools and Methods.

Part 02: Celebrating Unsung Innovative Moments & Novel Activations

We’ll then hear from innovation pioneers from across the innovation engineering movement as they share first-hand accounts of novel ways they’ve brought innovative thinking into their work, their actions and their teams.

The stories will run the gamut from fun, lighthearted, and exciting to detailed accounts of struggle and what it took to overcome significant obstacles.

Part 03: Now what? How to JUMP START Your 2020

Innovation Engineering Institute CEO, Maggie Nichols, will share a fresh 4-part framework for thinking about crafting a culture of innovation.  She’ll also give you some practical and actionable things you can use for gaining support as you seek to engage and activate innovation in 2020.


1. I can’t watch on November 22. Will there be a recording? YES, all you have to do is register and you will receive an email the week after the conference with a link to watch.

2. Does it cost anything to attend? No! All you need to do is register.

3. Who should watch and listen? Anyone is welcome to watch & listen, but this year’s conference is focused on Innovation Engineering users. What is an IE User? An IE user could be someone who has read the book and is trying to implement the tools and skills on their own all the way up to an Innovation Engineering Black Belt.

4. What topics will be covered? There will be stories from the front lines that cover community innovation, adaptive innovation, innovation activations and personal transformations to just name a few of the topics. And as always we will talk about where we have been as a community and where we are going.

5. Should I watch alone or with my team? You know we love when folks use stimulus and that it is even better when you kick it up with some diversity, so of course we recommend watching with a group when possible.

6. Do I need to have attended IE training to watch? No absolutely not, but having read or listened to the book or attended a training will make it that much more enjoyable. If you haven’t, try out the one-hour abridged audio in advance of the conference by clicking HERE. It’s like a CliffsNotes of the book, Driving Eureka!.


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Go ahead and register – if you are unable to attend on November 22 – no worries! If you register we will send you a recording of the conference.

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