8th Annual Global Conference

Replay Room

Jump Start Your Team

Get a jolt of 50 ideas to jump start innovation and cohesion in your teams

In the 2021 Predictive Index CEO Benchmarking report, the #1 concern of leaders at this moment: effective team cohesion. Between understaffing, virtual versus in-person work, business fluctuations, onboarding new staff… It can be a drain on everyone,  including zapping the energy to take on new change and innovation.

The 2021 Innovation Engineering Conference – Jump Start Your Team –  provided an explosion of over 50 fresh ideas for ways to jump start the cohesion and innovative output of your teams, even in the constraints of the current environment.

The conference’s main stage presentations explored different angles of team dynamics and innovation.  Each presentation gave fresh insights and real-world experiences that can be used with your own team.


State of Innovation Engineering Keynote Address

with Maggie Nichols, President & CEO

Maggie Nichols President & CEO of the Innovation Engineering Institute kicked off the conference with the ‘State of Innovation Engineering’ address and announced the Erick James Make a Difference Award winner.  

Maggie has spent over 15 years working alongside Doug Hall helping C-Level Executives around the world guide their employees and teams through innovation. She has served as an innovation coach and educator to some of the world’s largest companies and non-profits including American Express, Humana, March of Dimes, and P&G. In 2018 she was named President & CEO of Eureka! Ranch.

Maggie Pfeifer & Suzy DeYoung

Radical Business Model Change

A conversation about how a trained chef who has cooked for presidents, royalty & celebrities now saves 20,000 lbs of perishables a week and serves over 15,000 meals.

Chef Suzy DeYoung started La Soupe in 2014 after a very successful 25-year career as a restaurateur and caterer. La Soupe is a 501 c(3) food rescue organization that bridges the gap between food waste and hunger.  La Soupe’s unique chef-driven “Rescue, Transform, Share” model that Suzy created gives chefs, like herself, the opportunity to bring their culinary talents to those experiencing food insecurity. The chef team at La Soupe creates highly nutritious, restaurant-quality ready-to-eat food using food that is rescued from distributors all across Cincinnati, which La Soupe’s 300+ volunteers pick up and deliver every single day of the week. By rerouting quality food doomed for the dumpster to those experiencing food insecurity, thousands of pounds of food are kept out of landfills and people’s lives are changed for the better.

Greg Lemmon

2021 Innovation Culture Shifts

Fresh data on how people are thinking and acting on innovation – some results may surprise you.

For over 13+ years Greg has put his mathematics and statistics degree to use helping Eureka! Ranch and Innovation Engineering clients create, test & develop ideas using the Innovation Engineering system.  Greg has used the same system repeatedly to improve the Innovation Engineering tools found in the Jump Start Your Brain Innovation hub including the risk-adjusted sales forecasting tool that is leveraged in every project to calculate the project’s value to the organization inside the project pipeline.

Tessa Westermeyer

Customer & Team Experience Post-Covid

As the world finds itself emerging gradually, from some 18 months of COVID-19 restrictions, the realization of the personal, psychological cost of sensory and social deprivation is so clear that it is on everyone’s lips. And what you and your brand can do about it.

Tessa is a Creative strategist with over 30 years of brand building experience for some of the world’s most iconic brands.

Spending over 14 years at Landor as a global and regional Executive Creative Director, Tessa has led creative teams in Paris, Geneva, Hamburg, Cincinnati, and New York, developing global iconic brand identities, visual toolboxes, brand architecture, and brand redesigns for global businesses with an emphasis on Beauty.

Tessa’s leadership style enables her to collaborate and unleash the creative potential of wide multidisciplinary design teams (architects, interior designers, graphic designers, digital designers, and brand strategists). From Asia to Latin America and Europe, her understanding of regions, cultures, and consumers, combined with a rich understanding of brand strategy, is instrumental in delivering intuitive brand experiences.

    Mike Sirois

    Alaska Wild Wings: From Idea to Patent Pending Application

    Mike Sirois began his career in Seafood over 40 years ago as a Research assistant/ Extension specialist for the University of Maine’s Food Science, Seafood lab. While there Mike received two scholarships from the National Fisheries Institute, for his research on shelf life extension of frozen seafood. This laid the foundation for his extensive knowledge of seafood and seafood processing.

    Throughout his 35 years of service to High Liner Foods, Mike has been instrumental in building High Liner’s premier Product Development team and its extensive line of value-added seafood products. Prior to joining High Liner, Mike was a Senior Food Technologist with the U.S. Army Natick Research Development and Engineering Center. While there he received three commendation awards for his product development work on military field rations. In addition, he was co-founder/operations manager for Horton’s smoked seafoods in Waterboro, Maine.

    Mike strives to stay on the cutting edge of new product Innovation through continued education such as completing the “Leading Product Innovation Program” at Harvard Business School and holds a Black Belt in Innovation Engineering

      Closing Keynote

      The Spirit of the Grain: 5 Steps for Transforming “employees” into a passionate, winning team.

      Doug Hall, Co-Founder & CEO, Brain Brew Custom Whiskey

      For those who don’t already know Doug Hall, he is an inventor, author, TV & radio host, and craft whiskey maker. He is the award-winning founder of Eureka! Ranch International & the Innovation Engineering Institute and Co-Founder of Brain Brew Custom Whiskey.

      Unlike others who “preach but don’t practice,” Doug applies the principles of the Innovation Engineering System that he teaches other corporate leaders to his award-winning Brain Brew Custom Whiskey Company.

      For his pioneering work creating the Innovation Engineering curriculum that took innovation from an art to a reproducible science, Doug was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of Prince Edward Island and an honorary Doctor of Engineering from the University of Maine.


      Black Belt Spotlights

      How one Innovation Engineering (IE) Black Belt applies her IE skills to marketing.

      One Innovation Engineering (IE) Black Belt’s biggest takeaway from his IE training.

      How Innovation Engineering (IE) gave one IE Black Belt confidence when she took on a brand new role.

      Innovation Engineering Offerings

      A Quick Explanation of Innovation Engineering Fundamentals + Blue Belt Certification

      Innovation Engineering Workshops and
      On Demand Lessons

      Rapid Research Tools: Fail Fast, Fail Cheap and Make Smarter Business Decisions

      What is an Innovation Engineering Accelerator?

      A Brand New Tool for Gathering Session Output

      Over 50 Ideas were Sparked during the Conference