Our JSYB™ Tools

Having been innovation practitioners for 40 years, we’ve seen the results of having incredible tools at your disposal.  We’ve also seen the effects of being limited by tools and systems that are lacking.

When you want staff to think innovatively, you increase your odds that they will take action with that thinking when your tools help them do it effortlessly, like these. 

Every tool in the collection has been designed with 3 critical requirements:

  1. It is truly useful & relevant.  Every tool must help your staff advance in ways they couldn’t have on their own. 
  2. No training required.  Up and running instantly.  Takes only minutes to use.
  3. It reinforces the right behaviors.  If it’s easy to be innovative, people will be. If it’s not, the odds go down.  These tools make it easy for help your people to apply smarter, faster more innovative thinking to everything and anything.


Classic project management tools are great for projects that don’t change.  But they don’t work well for innovation projects that are fraught with risk and continual change.

Our Innovation Pipeline and Project Management tool gives staff the best of both worlds: the agile, adaptability needed for innovative projects with the discipline and transparency of project management. 

Building a Business Case

Tools that enable you to completely and clearly communicate your idea and its potential value to your organization.  Pitch decks, one-page elevator pitches and models for creating a business case that’s “venture decision ready.”

12 Tools

Big & Bold Ideas

A robust collection of tools to help you create big and small ideas and solutions on the spot.

12 Tools

Power Problem Solving

Templates, exercises and instant-use tools to help you identify root problems, invent uncompromising solutions and trial them.

11 Tools

Smarter Decisions

Tools to help you make fast, data backed decisions that you can feel confident in, including data and minutes-fast research survey tools.

5 Tools

Diversity & Inclusion Collaboration

Tools to help you leverage the diversity of a team to improve an idea, an estimate or manage risk.

3 Tools

Patent Protection

Tools to help you find patents, use them as inspiration or write your own provisional patent in about an hour.

3 Tools

Gauge Your Capabilities

Assessment tools to learn more about your and your organization’s current innovation capabilities, culture and systems.

3 Tools

Smarter Meetings

Agendas, roles and work processes to turn any meeting from painful to productive.

9 Tools

Hard Math Made Easy

Tools that model variance rather than ignore it when calculating and forecasting values – including instant calculators and forecasting tools to help you estimate cost, size of prize, impact, sales, cannibalization and more.

6 Tools

Busting Bureaucracy

Tools that help you break through red tape to build better systems (or innovate within them).  These tools add clarity to your strategy and address risk to work towards an ideal.

4 Tools

Getting Unstuck with Stimulus Mining

Tools that help you quickly find, share and leverage new and inspiring intel about your market, customers, technologies and trends.

4 Tools

Persuading Others

Improve your marketing messages and overall clarity when pitching others.

14 Tools

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