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Addressing the #1 concern of CEO'S TODAY: the Innovation Skill Gap*

*4 independent reports cite the same thing: World Economic Forum, PWC Annual Global CEO Survey, McKinsey Quarterly, The Conference Board’s 2020 C-Suite Challenge Report

In Good Company.  

Below are just a handful of 100s of companies that have leveraged this content.

What Makes Jump Start Your Brain Unique?


Some innovation programs want you to act like a start up or entrepreneur.  But you’re not.  We know. We’ve been “front line” helping large companies for 40 years.  We’ve worked with 15,000+ teams and invented 30,000+ ideas.  

Of the People. By the People. For the People.

Our first priority is content that creates behavior change, impact and PULL. We have over 1,000,000 touchpoints, real examples of people not just learning but taking action and applying it to current work.

Instantly Scalable with Digital Training BETTER than live

 Our online learning is MORE EFFECTIVE than live classroom, because it uses our patent-pending Cycles to Mastery teaching method – increasing the speed of skills transfer and mindset shift for learners.


To date, Jump Start Your Brain has created over 1,000,000 touchpoints. Touchpoints are actions taken by staff as a result of their learning, such as creating a project, doing an activity, using a tool, etc.

Dollars In Active Development

Innovative thinking doesn’t always translate directly into growth or cost savings, but it often does.  Organizations using Jump Start Your Brain have created $18 Billion worth of innovations to date.


Over 35,000 people have used Jump Start Your Brain to think smarter, faster and more innovatively.

professional development curriculum

Over 100 Courses

University-Vetted.  Real-world Applied.

What makes this curriculum unique is its blend of university pedigree AND real-world torture testing. 

University Pedigree.  The set of courses are from a complete academic discipline called Innovation Engineering.  They’ve been vetted through academic peer review and are so robust they’re eligible for college credit.

Real-World Pedigree.  Every single course and skill has been used to solve critical challenges for the Fortune 100 over the last 40 years.  Today over $18 billion worth of innovations are in process using the Innovation Engineering skills, methods and digital tools.

Courses are 5-7 minute video micro-lessons that help your staff get just-in-time education to think faster, smarter and more innovatively. 

Digital badge tracks and certifications use cycles of applied learning to ensure skills are mastered quickly. 

Courses, digital badge tracks and certifications can be easily incorporated into your existing LMS (Learning Management System) or you can use them straight off of our platform.

Jump Start Your Brain 101

Learn how to think about innovation as a system and how you can apply innovative thinking in your current role.

Building Teams to Win

Learn roles, responsibilities, work methods and meeting formats that help you innovate together faster.

From Idea to Patent

Learn not only how to invent something substantial, but how to write a provisional patent in about an hour!

Identifying Big Ideas

Learn how to evaluate ideas instantly to know if you have an innovative idea worth persuing. 

Better Brainstorming

Learn a method of brainstorming that creates 8x more quantity and quality of ideas versus the traditional methods.

Build a Business Case for Your Ideas

Learn how to pitch your ideas to leadership to get buy-in, support or funding. 

How to Lead Innovation

Doing innovation is one thing.  Leading it is another.  Learn how to create alignment, collaboration and coach others.

Innovation Math

Learn how to quickly estimate the value of your idea – even if you have little to no experience or data.

Innovative Problem Solving

Learn not only how to identify the root cause of any problem, but fast ways to not just patch it, but dissolve it.

Over 50 Tools

Making it easy to think Smarter, Faster & More Innovatively   

Every tool in the collection has been designed with 3 critical requirements:

It is truly useful & relevant.  Every tool must help your staff advance in ways they couldn’t have on their own. 

No training required.  Staff is up and running instantly.  It takes only minutes to use.

It reinforces the right behaviors.  If it’s easy to be innovative, people will be. If it’s not, the odds go down.  These tools help make it easy for your people to apply smarter, faster, more innovative thinking to everything and anything.

POWER TOOL: Innovative Project Management

Classic project management tools are great for projects that don’t change.  But they don’t work well for innovation projects that are fraught with risk and continual change.

Our Innovation Project Management tool gives staff the best of both worlds: the agile, adaptability needed for innovative projects with the discipline and transparency of project management. 

Busting Bureaucracy

Tools that help you break through red tape to build better systems (or innovate within them).

Smarter Meetings

Agendas, roles and work processes to turn any meeting from painful to productive.

Smarter Decisions

Tools to help you make fast, data-backed decisions that you can feel confident in.

Problem Solving

Templates, exercises and instant-use tools to help you solve problems and try solutions in real time.

Persuading Others

Templates to help you formulate an argument, create a pitch and practice selling without pressure.

Instant Ideas

Exercises and interactive tools to help you generate ideas on the spot.

Hard Math Made Easy

Instant calculators and forecasting tools to help you estimate cost, size of prize, impact, sales, cannibalization and more.

Building a Business Case

Pitch decks, one-page elevator pitches and models for creating a business case that’s “venture decision ready.”

Custom Activation Events & Coaching

What we know about building new skills, upgrading culture and change – it takes activation and reinforcement – over and over and over and over.  Building new behaviors and learning is a never-ending continuous improvement journey.  That said, it’s also a lot of fun in the process. 

While every activation plan is custom to your enterprise, these are some of the most popular methods to get people engaged:

Book Club

The 9 session book club is an easy way to learn as a team.  Each session lasts about an hour and covers 1-3 chapters of book, Driving Eureka!, with exercises to apply the learning.

Lunch-n-Learn Webinars

Regular webinars feature useful tools, relevant applications and/or small skill lessons.


Workshops are interactive, engaging and hands on educational events around one or more skills and tools.


These fun ideation events are great to kick-start any project or to get a team focused on a common challenge.

Live Classes

While the online work is fantastic, live classes are a great way to add energy and are great for team-building.

Leadership Coaching

“Doing” innovation is one thing.  Leading it can be quite another.  Our coaches work 1:1 with your leaders to give them tools, techniques and feedback to help.

Application, Project & Certification Coaching

Your staff gets hands on coaching as they apply their new skills to an important project of their choosing.

Office Hours

Just like in college, office hours can be the perfect time to discuss specific challenges and get ideas from our experts.

Systems Design Consulting

The reputation of our parent company, the Eureka! Ranch, was built on systems that deliver de-risked disruptive innovations to market at breakneck speeds.  We’ll work with you to customize a complete innovation system for your organization.  (Our systems designs typically increase the speed of innovation projects by 6x and de-risks “big bet” innovations by 30-80%.)

People Impact

Below are videos that give you just a glimpse of the impact our curriculum, tools and activations can have on your staff.

(Picking just 4 was tough!  We have literally 100s of personal reflections, videos and candid testimonials.  Contact us and we’d be more than happy to share.)






Upskilling to Adapt to New Job Roles & Business Demands

Dan used his learning to truly get upskilled.  Thanks to his new way of innovative thinking, problem solving and agile learning he literally skilled his way to a new role and greater growth.  (You’ll hear Dan talk about “the Ranch.”  He’s referring to the Eureka! Ranch where he participated in a live course. He’ll also talk about the “blue card”, one of the tools for activating a strategy and a “yellow card,” a tool for communicating an idea.)

Evolving Strategic Thinking
in Big Systems

Among many other things, Ben uses his learning to advance strategy at Toyota – being more innovative about how to not just create a strategy, but how to craft, communicate and collaborate on it.  

Recent Grads “Prewired”
for Innovative Thinking

Patrick was exposed to the curriculum during his graduate courses at University of Maine while getting his Masters in Biomedical Engineering.  While at first it was a “foreign concept” to him, he used his newfound systems-driven innovative thinking to found 3 start-ups, grounded on patented technologies he created and then wrote provisional patents for. (Yep, there are courses and tools for all of that.)

A Comprehensive Approach to Creating a Culture of Innovation

When it comes to thinking innovatively as a discipline, Mike’s been around the block.  As a Chief Innovation Officer he’s saddled with both a new product pipeline as well as getting an entire organization to think faster, smarter and more innovatively everyday – from production, finance, distribution, market research, sales and everything in between.  But he has, and he does – using learning and tools to reshape what’s possible, and getting incredible results.

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