3 Ideas to Break the Slump

Full disclosure, the data on these 3 ideas isn’t necessarily scientific, but the team at the Innovation Engineering Institute believes in them and none of it will harm you so, we encourage you to try each of them or all of them as you are working to problem-solve a challenge that has you stuck.

What we do know is that everyone can use some help breaking the slump at home or work sometimes. Today we bring you 3 Ideas to Break the Slump:


That is right, turn on the radio, your phone, or stream from your computer  and turn it up!  What genre is up to you, but scientists have actually found that high sound levels increase the secretion of adrenaline. In an informal survey, people stated they felt more creative when listening to music. And if you haven’t stood up in a while get up and dance. Try out this playlist featuring songs that get many of you pumped up and ready to work.

2.  Change Your Scenery

When you are having a hard time with a particular challenge get up and change locations.  At any given time of day you will find our team spread out all over the building (when we aren’t working from home).  Find a comfortable chair inside or outside and put your feet up.

3.  Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Okay, so not everyone drinks coffee so, maybe choose your favorite form of caffeine. What we do know is that a number of years ago 24 people gathered at the Eureka! Ranch to create ideas for 45 minutes and they were not allowed to have any type of caffeine before the session. Then another set of 24 gathered and each of them was given 3 cups of coffee then they were asked. to spend the next 45 minutes coming up with ideas. The caffeinated team created 40% more ideas.