Introducing the Cincinnati Innovation Stimulus Package

Available through June 2020

As a response to the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve accelerating the wide-scale release of our new online learning platform, Jump Start Your Brain, and making a set of learning resources available to Cincinnati individuals and organizations at NO COST.

When you sign up you’ll get Instant Access to:

Innovation Jump Start - Badge Course

No matter what your role, position or level of experience – you can get started immediately thinking smarter, faster and more innovatively with this quick primer that covers the essentials, including:

  • how to know what an innovation is (and isn’t)
  • a quick equation that can help you hack any problem
  • a simple tactic to use in meetings to help you collaborate productively to create solutions
  • a framework for clarifying the problem you’re solving
  • a fast, persuasive way to explain your idea to anyone
  • a methodology to help you quickly test a theory and iterate ideas to make them better

 So you’ll not only have demonstrable new skills and know-how, you’ll also earn a digital badge, a universal recognition you can promote on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

If you spend about 30 minutes per day you’ll earn this digital badge in about 2 weeks. 

Sneak Peek:  The Orientation Video below

gives you a sense of what you’ll learn.

Jump Starts of Stimulus

We’ll also give you access to a whole host of assets from our Resource Center Library.  


Power Micro-lessons teach you a specific technique for thinking or working with a team – like leveraging diversity through Mind Mapping.

30 Minutes

Tools On-Demand

On-Demand Innovation tools disrupt your thinking and help you change your frame of reference, so you can invent novel solutions

30 Minutes

How-to in 2 Hours Workshop

This video guided “How-to in 2 Hours” virtual workshop to teach you fast, effective methods for generating and capturing ideas – which you can do solo or with a virtual team.

2 Hours

Conference Keynotes

While most conferences in the short-term have been rescheduled, we’ve been honored to present keynotes at many of them.  You can view some of our most popular keynote presentations like, “DeRisking Innovation” and “The Top 10 Things to Innovate Now” without leaving your home.

60 Minutes per Keynote

Emergency Growth & Recovery Spark Deck

Many businesses are faced with iminent decline thanks to the protective measures put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This stimulus presentation will give you ideas, inspiration and thought-starters to help you create ideas for new business models, services and alternatives to try in these ever-changing times.

30-60 Minute Session

Expert Webinar Interviews

Watch webinar rebroadcasts with experts like:

60 Minutes per Webinar

A Note from the Founder & the CEO

Like many other individuals and institutions banding together during this pandemic, we believe we have a meaningful part to play to help during this challenging time.   

Our mission at the Eureka! Ranch is to change the world though systems that enable everyone to think smarter, faster & more innovatively. 

And if today isn’t a moment to rise to that challenge – we don’t know what is. As such, we’ve put together a collection of now-free resources available to individuals and organizations to help further our collective innovative thinking when we need it most.

We hope you’ll join us on this innovation learning journey to build a better way forward for all of us. 

Doug Hall (Founder),  
Maggie Nichols (CEO) & the Entire Eureka! Ranch team


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