JULY 21, 2021 :: 1 PM ET

One could argue that government is the most difficult place to apply innovative thinking and principles. While the difficulty in big corporations, non-profits, regulated industries all have their challenges – the amount of red tape, bureaucracy, and competing agendas make government a wasps nest of an innovation challenge.  

Despite that, Tobi Cates led the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services (DWS) to a complete revamping of the Unemployment Insurance system, when several other states dropped out because the top-down bureaucracy was just too hard. Tobi engaged her people, applied systems thinking, and leveraged the skillset and mindset of Innovation Engineering.

Maggie Pfeifer invited Tobi to join her on the Jump Start Your Brain Webinar where Tobi shared the secret to her success with innovation.


Maggie Pfeifer, VP of Education
Tobi Cates, Former Administrator of Wyoming Department of Workforce Services