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When you sign up for the Innovation Jump Start Package it is just the start of an innovation journey. For 22 weeks you will receive a weekly Innovation Jump Start straight to your inbox that will help you learn, think and innovate. You also, gain access to the Why Innovation? Why Now? Why You? Badge Course. 

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Why Innovation? Why Now? Why You? Badge Course

Learn why being innovative is so important NOW more than ever in history as the speed of change is accelerating.  

Learn how YOU can innovate even when it feels impossible – in commodity businesses, or under tight constraints, or within nonproduct facing departments. 

And learn WHY innovation is the path to renewed business and career success. You’ll work on three hands-on exercises to help you confront the reality of your organization’s need to innovate. And more importantly, you’ll discover where exactly to get started.

Weekly Innovation Jump Start Emails

Each week you’ll receive an email direct to your inbox with new digital content to help you learn, think, and innovate.  We’ve selected a set of our most popular and useful tools and training.  Content includes:


Power Micro-lessons teach you a specific technique for thinking or working with a team – like leveraging diversity through Mind Mapping.

30 Minutes

Tools On-Demand

On-Demand Innovation tools disrupt your thinking and help you change your frame of reference, so you can invent novel solutions

30 Minutes

Conference Keynotes

You can view some of our most popular keynote presentations like, “DeRisking Innovation” and “The Top 10 Things to Innovate Now” without leaving your home.

60 Minutes per Keynote

Expert Webinar Interviews

Watch webinar rebroadcasts with experts like:

60 Minutes per Webinar

A Note from the Founder & the CEO

Our mission at the Eureka! Ranch is to change the world through systems that enable everyone to think smarter, faster & more innovatively. 

And if today isn’t a moment to rise to that challenge – we don’t know what is. We hope you’ll join us on this innovation learning journey to build a better way forward for all of us.

Doug Hall (Founder),
Maggie Nichols (CEO) & the Entire Eureka! Ranch team


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