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Each month we hold a 30-minute user webinar that shares new news, highlights some tools, and offers advice on how to get the most out of the Jump Start Your Brain platform.
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We consider Pipeline & Project Management to be
one of the power tools of the Jump Start Your Brain system.

Our Innovation Pipeline & Project Management tool gives you the best of both worlds: the agile, adaptability needed for innovative projects with the discipline and transparency of project management.

During December’s Webinar Greg Lemmon outlined the changes that are coming to this amazing tool in 2021.


These days it seems we are all constantly problem-solving not just at work, but also at home. Your JSYB toolbox includes a number of effective problem-solving tools, but this month we are going to focus on the oldest tool in the box, Matrix Mixing.

This week join V.P. of Education, Maggie Pfeifer, and Brand Manager, Brad Hall as they focus on the perfect tool for when you are stuck and how to use it.


Currently, it is difficult to plan a strategy for an idea in the early stages of innovation. Questions like how long to leave a product in the market, when to launch the next generation and whether or not the idea justifies long-term investment is difficult to answer.

That is why during September we highlighted the 5-year forecast. This tool makes those questions easy to answer and allows managers to strategize based on probability rather than guesswork

JUNE 2020

This month statistician Greg Lemmon joins us with How to use Research Results to Spark Fresh Ideas & Make Smarter Decisions. During the 30 minute webinar, he will take a deep dive into real research and analytics, how to read the results, and what they tell us using the tools inside the JSYB market research suite.

MAY 2020

V.P. of Education, Maggie Pfeifer, talks about Innovation Project Management and what makes it different from standard project management. We’ll give you a deep dive into the resources and tools within the PROJECTS tab and how they have been designed to help you manage and accelerate high-risk projects.

APRIL 2020

Maggie Pfeifer welcomes everyone to the webinar and outlines
what will be covered throughout the 30 minutes.

The webinar is broken down into 7 parts so you are able to watch what you might be most interested in learning.

During this segment, Maggie Pfeifer, V.P. of Education, will walk you through
the ins and outs of your Jump Start Your Brain portal.

Brand Manager, Brad Hall, talks about how innovation can be a
family event and how to use PDSA as a family learning activity.

Join President & CEO, Maggie Nichols as she outlines how you can run a killer brainstorming session with a virtual team. That you don’t have to wait till everyone is back together to do amazing innovation work.

Director of Operations, Corie Spialek, shares her secret shortcut to
creating sales & marketing spark decks with a tool you may not know you already have access to.

Greg Lemmon, Statistician and Web Developer, shares one of his favorite research tools that will help you quickly know how you stack up against the competition.

Maggie & Maggie wrapped it up by answering questions from our viewers about current courses, the future of certification, and what about our University partners.

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