5 Proven Ways to Be Bold & Brave

In order for any of us to make a difference in the world, we must get up, get out, and take action. When you are ready to be BOLD & BRAVE remember the following 5 things: 

1.  Make the Unknown Known:

Fear of the unknown is one of the primary sources of our fears. Reducing this fear is as simple as opening yourself up to learning. Start talking to others, ask questions, analyze data & trends, or sign up for a class.

2.  Fail Fast and Fail Cheap:

Prototype and Test, but on a small & low-cost scale.  Build “works like” prototypes separately from “looks like” prototypes – nothing has to be perfect when you are in the very beginning stages of innovating.  Remember the cheapest form of prototyping is the written word.

3.  Do the Right Thing:

The most powerful way to find courage is when you focus your energy on making a real difference in someone’s life. When your product changes someone’s life it is easy to keep moving forward.

4.  Take Responsibility for Your Life:

Ben Franklin said many things, but one quote stands out above other when looking for ways to keep moving while living a meaningful life, “ Up Sluggard, and waste not life; in the grave will be sleeping enough.”

5.  Find a Tribe:

What can sometimes be the greatest way to find courage, is to create it through collaboration with others. Working together with others that share a similar goal, aim, or mission can give you the added energy and confidence to charge forward. It can create shared accountability, a feeling of greater purpose and reinforcement in the greater meaning of your collective work.

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