4 Easy Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Team

We all work with great people but sometimes it can be hard to get their full potential out of them especially now when many people aren’t used to working at home. 

These 4 steps are easy things to do that can help get the most out of the people you have working for you.

1.  Set a Mission and some Boundaries:

No matter what it is every task from the smallest day to day thing to drastic changes in your company should have a mission and some boundaries to it. How detailed these things are changes depending on what it is of course. For making a part in a factory the mission can be as simple as produce x number of parts per hour; while the boundaries could be the tolerances the part has to be within. On the other end of the spectrum is your companies strategic planning for the year where the mission is where you want the company to head and your boundaries are the things you want to avoid or how much resources you can devote to it. In the end, everything that happens within our companies has a mission and boundaries and you should take the time to consider them even if it’s just in an informal way.

2.  Communicate the mission and boundaries to the workers they affect:

Once you know what the mission and boundaries are you need to communicate those things to the people they affect in some way be it formal or informal. No one likes working on something for days only to find out that they wasted all that time because they were going in a completely wrong direction or outside of the boundaries you set. You need to inform them of the direction they should be going so they can give it their all and not waste any of their time. 

3.  Correct workers when they start to get off track:

It happens to everyone, we get started working and start to get excited, and even with our best efforts, we start to go off track. It’s your job then to catch them, when you can, and help steer them back to the mission before they go too far off the deep end. I don’t mean you have to hold their hands through the whole process but when you see them going off don’t just let it be. Confronting it and getting them back on track will end up better for both of you in the long run

4. Inform your workers when you change the mission or boundaries:

It happens, no one can see the future and perfectly predict what things should be. There are times you’re going to have to change things, maybe it happens because of the work someone brings you, or maybe you just come to the realization in the shower one morning. Whatever the case when it does happen be honest with the people it affects.  Yes, it is awful to have things change on you halfway through a project but better to learn halfway through than make it all the way to the end and have the whole thing scrapped because the mission or boundaries changed.  They will understand you’re human just like them and while they might grumble about it at first, in the long run, they’ll be happier than if you had let them finish instead.

There you have it, four easy steps that can help keep your employees motivated and working their hardest on the tasks they’re given.

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