Fuel Your Brain for Maximum Creativity

Stimulus fuels the brain, setting off a chain reaction of idea associations and creations that will bring new thoughts and ideas to life. When looking at a challenge here are 5 tips for helping to think differently about a challenge:

1.  Read Related and Unrelated News:

Look up 10 different magazines online. Make it a mix of trade and pop culture magazines. Read through them for sparks – what trends do you see? What is another industry doing differently?

2.  Be Your Own Customer:

Feel your current or potential customers’ pain. Start the journey from the bottom up – where do they find you – go there and follow the path to becoming a customer. Use your current customer service options to ask questions, make a purchase, or schedule a sales call to learn more.

3.  Use Your Own Product:

Literally take your product home and use it (or have it shipped to you) — if it is food cook with it — think about how you would eat it and if you wouldn’t eat it why wouldn’t you eat it?  If it’s equipment go out and sit on it or work with it. Use your online system for applying for a new checking account, sign up for a subscription, or to make a donation to your non-profit. What is easy to do, what is more difficult?

4.  Think About Your Challenge as a Different Company Not in Your Industry:

We call this Take Over Time – think about how famous brands would solve your challenge if they took over your company.  Here are a few to get you started Tom’s, “Go Natural & Green,” Nike, “Just Do It,” and Southwest, “ Passion for People & Process that means a wow difference in price.” Using their mindset and core values, how would they approach your challenge?

5.  Exercise:

Take a walk, go for a run or a hike. We aren’t currently encouraging group activities, but find an online yoga, exercise or dance class. (many groups are currently offering them for free) Medical literature shows that exercise has a direct impact on your ability to think smarter and more creatively. 

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