4 Tips to Manage Change

Big changes create big stress. 

Dramatic changes can cause significant stress within your organization resulting in poor performance. It shouldn’t be a surprise that research shows that critical events can create a significant amount of stress — stress fuels uncertainty, lack of personal confidence, and poor job performance.

Right now many organizations are going through big changes — and in order to be successful, you must help your team and colleagues make these transitions.

Here are 4 tips for helping your team manage change:

1.  Teach Your Team Why:

We often tell people “what” to do, but we neglect to tell them the “why.” When you explain why you build a foundation of trust and a deeper commitment.

2.  Explain the Consequences of Not Changing:

Workers often have their heads down and are focused on accomplishing their assignments.  Change is not often a welcome distraction.  It is up to a leader to explain the vision and why the current path can not reach the future goal.

3.  Use Major Changes to Speed Meaningful Growth:

By nature, humans do not like change, as it leads to uncertainty and chaos.  However, when it does occur, it opens the door even more changes — use this as an opportunity to realign or set new goals.

4.  Stay in Touch with Your Team:

“No news is good news” does not apply when major change is happening.  Especially in such times of uncertainty. The best way to unleash your team’s strength is to empower them with knowledge through open communication that keeps everyone on track. There are so many great tools online to do this today.

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