Technology Valuation Certificate Program 

Hard skills training on proprietary algorithms and models that make valuing a technology fast and easy.

Objective of this course:

This course and certificate teaches you how to use and leverage a collection of proprietary algorithms, forecasting  tools and modeling simulations that help you go from technology concept to a vetted and investible business proposition.   


Patent Reading & Technology Translation

Learn how to read and search the Patent Flea Market® database to identify new technologies and ideas.  Then use Mind Mapping to deconstruct the claims and “translate” the technology into a product or offering.

Concept Improvement Using an Automated Virtual Coach.

Learn how to use the Idea Coach® tool to get instant suggestions on how to increase your offering’s clarity and appeal to customers.  Use the Idea Scan® technology to generate a concept score to predict marketplace reaction to your offering.

Risk-Adjusted Sales Forecasting

Learn how to use the 5-year Monte Carlo Simulation model to calculate the potential sales for your offering, even when you only have estimates and variable levels of risk.

Valuation & ROI

Learn how to use the New Market GPS® and Fair Market Royalty Rate interactive systems to calculate the fair market royalty rate, EBITA, and ROI for your offering.

Rapid Customer Research & Data Mining

Learn how to use the Rapid Test® research platform to stage, field, and instantly report quantitive data from target customers.

Innovation Engineering Institute

Certifying Body

The Innovation Engineering Institute is the issuing body for certifications.  It’s a partnership between University of Maine and the Eureka! Ranch – pioneers of the Innovation Engineering field of study.

Innovation Engineering 

Innovation Engineering is a field of academic study and leadership science.  

         What makes Innovation Engineering unique is that it’s BOTH grounded in academic theory AND validated in real world practice. Collectively it’s the largest documented innovation system on earth. Over 35,000+ people have been educated in the Innovation Engineering and  over $19 billion in innovations are in active development.


How the Course works.

The Innovation Engineering Technology Certificate Program is delivered online and on-demand, meaning you can proceed at your own pace and from anywhere in the world.

Each module has several learning components:

  • A video to teach you the concept or idea behind what you’re learning in the module.
  • Several examples of the concept put into action.
  • Course work where you then apply that new skill to solve a challenge, complete a task or just demonstrate that you understand the skill.
  • An application where you take your new skill and, using the technology provided, apply to skill to a challenge in a comprehensive way.

You can expect the coursework to take about 10 hours to complete, and you’ll have 6 months access to the tools as you apply your new skills to your work.  Upon 100% successful completion and evaluation of your work, you’ll be awarded the Innovation Engineering Technology Valuation Certificate.


Course Fee:  $2,000 USD

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